The Benefits of Advertising Using a Mobile and Large Led Screen

Do you have an advertisement that you want people to see while on the go?

If your answer is yes, then you may want to consider a large mobile led screen that is affixed to a truck. If you run a business, then you are already aware that advertising can make your business flourish. It plays an integral role in informing people about the product and services that your business offers.

Advertising your business via mobile billboard advertising is innovative. There are some amazing benefits associated with this medium that can help your business to grow.

Even if you are just advertising an event, this a great way to do it so that you get the support you need. Take a look at the benefits of using a large led screen for advertising.

It is Cost-Effective

Advertising can be one of the most expensive operating costs for your business. It is important to always select an advertising method that is cost-effective. Setting up a mobile billboard is far less expensive than TV and radio commercials as well as a printed advertisement.

In fact, some research shows that mobile billboards give advertisers double the exposure of static billboards. Additionally, mobile billboards are easy to maintain and are highly resistant to damage so constant repairs won’t be required.

It Reaches a Large Audience

One disadvantage of a static billboard and other forms of advertising is its inability to move around. A static billboard can only be seen by those who pass by a certain spot.

Additionally, advertising through printed articles means that your advertisement will only be seen by persons who read the newspaper. Some people don’t have access to newspapers and others don’t have the time. This means they will miss your advertisement.

Internet advertisements reach those who have internet access. Television and radio advertisements are only seen by those who still view this medium regularly.

The bottom line is that these advertising mediums only reach a specific audience whereas mobile billboards reach a wider range of audiences. Whether you’re walking by, in a bus or car, an advertisement displayed on a large moving led screen will catch your attention.

You Can Track Your Advertisement

Another amazing thing about using mobile advertising is the ability to track the vehicle with your advertisement using GPS tracking. With GPS, you can track the route of the truck your advertisement is on and see the different areas that the vehicle has been. This will give you an idea of the audience that was able to see your advertisement.

You also have the option of checking the location of the vehicle throughout the day by instructing the driver to give you updates. This can help you monitor who sees your advertisement, giving you greater control.

A Large LED Screen Captures the Attention of an Audience

Some advertisements can be avoided by their targeted audience. For example, turning off the radio when an ad comes on, muting the television, or turning the page of a newspaper.

Even online ads can be avoided by clicking a close button. On the other hand, a large mobile led screen advertisement isn’t so easy to avoid because it is right there in your face.

You have no option but to look at it. Whether you are walking through the mall or crossing the street, you will always notice a mobile advertisement and are likely to remember the information written on it.

Unique Content Opportunities

Led advertising screens allow you to create and show specific video content at a particular time throughout the day. You can display several different ads at different intervals with unique information to targeted audiences. For example, if you are a restaurant operator, your advertisement could be about happy-hour.

LED screens will definitely grab the attention of the audience because of its bright, dynamic display features and flexibility. In addition, you have total control over the message that is displayed once you are the sponsor of the advertisement.

Convenient Targeting

Another amazing benefit of mobile billboard advertising is the ability to target a specific audience through detailed planning. All you have to do is plan carefully the routes you want the truck to take. This will maximize ad exposure and effectiveness.

The routes you plan can be based on the following criteria:

  • Peak-Traffic areas
  • Socioeconomic background
  • Businesses districts
  • Busy Neighborhoods
  • Routes with events, conferences, or conventions in progress

There are several places that the vehicle can travel to in order to reach intended audiences unlike internet ads or even static billboards. Also, your hired led screen can be operated remotely with Wi-Fi connection by clicking your mouse or keypad a few times.

This puts you or the person you hire in complete control of how and where the content is seen. This type of convenience makes it easy for you to show several different types of content throughout the day.

It also helps you to target your advertising a lot better. This detailed targeted means a greater return on your investment.

A Final Look at Mobile LED Display

Advertising can be hard to steer in the right direction and expensive to maintain. However,  it becomes easier when you use a mobile truck LED display

Mobile large led screen advertising is an efficient way of reaching a big audience to display your business content. At the same time, it targets a specific audience and can be displayed in several locations. This ability is key because you can target neighbourhoods, events, and areas with a high amount of traffic.

You dictate the type of advertisement you want showing and when you want it to show. This gives you a lot of flexibility and puts you in control of how your ads will be seen and who will see your ads.

If you would like to find out more about LED screen displays, please go to that section of our blog. You can also contact us if you want to set up a mobile advertising campaign.

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Exhibition Stand Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020



exhibition standThere’s nothing like an exhibition or trade show to reach a broad audience. Even better, the audience is already interested in what you have to offer simply by being present.

It’s so successful that the UK events industry is worth around £42.3 billion.

The only problem is standing out among your competitors. If your stand looks too much like everyone else’s, how will customers remember yours?

Getting your exhibition stand design right is the key to being memorable. We’ve gathered seven of the best design trends for 2020.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. Customer-Focused Booths

Design trends in the past focused on creating exhibition stands that would ‘wow’ the visitor. Thing is, they might remember your display, but they wouldn’t always remember your brand.

Creating an experience will build a longer-lasting impact than trying to impress them. Think about what your customers actually need and create an event stand that meets those needs.

If the customer sees you recognise their needs, that’s points in your favour. Solving one of them right there are the booth is even better.

This trend also requires your stand staff to engage with customers. It can be off-putting to visitors to reach a booth, only to find the staff busy. They might be chatting with each other or busy with other guests.

Dedicate one member of your team to meeting and greeting – It’s their sole job to engage visitors and then pass them onto another member of staff for demos or conversation.

True, this isn’t about the design of your stand, but the best-designed stand in the world can’t overcome poor service.

2. Create Relaxing Spaces at Your Exhibition Stand

Building upon trend #1, why not create an oasis of calm at your booth? Other booths can be busy, loud, or trying to manufacture fun.

Your stand can be more laidback and restful. Put in comfortable chairs. Give visitors places to relax.

You might add somewhere for visitors to charge their phones. Maybe get a water cooler.

These rest stops also take into account the fact that being around people can be exhausting. That’s particularly the case for introverts.

Just look at the design of workplaces. We know that open-plan designs are terrible for productivity. In fact, 95 percent of employees would rather have an enclosed space in which to work.

You’ll win more hearts and minds by turning your stand into a little bubble of calm at a hectic event.

3. Less Is More

Minimalism has been an interior design trend for a while – and with good reason. People feel hemmed in when there are lots of ‘things’ around them.

Furniture, stands, other people – they all take a toll.

Build some negative space into the design of your stand. It helps make your stand look more inviting.

This also gives your booth staff more space to work. They’ll be able to circulate with ease, speaking to more visitors and feeling less crowded.

It doesn’t mean stripping your booth design to bare bones. You just need to be intentional about what you include.

Look at your design and ask yourself, “does the visitor need to see/handle this?” If the answer is no, consider if you really need it.

Choosing a modular design is a great way to maximise your floor space. Reassemble the stand for different exhibitions, so it always feels fresh.

4. Thoughtful Lighting

You’ll sense a theme here, but you don’t need to use so many lights your stand looks like a Lady Gaga concert. Consider using up-lighters to avoid harsh glare, or back-lighting to highlight particular features.

Coloured overhead lights can also add a dash of fun to the space. If you’re going for the ‘less is more’ look from trend #3, lighting makes all the difference.

It helps you to carve up and brand the space. Or pair lighting with trend #2 and choose restful, relaxing tones to soothe your visitors.

5. Fun Giveaway Spaces

Trade shows and exhibitions are notorious for ‘swag.’ That’s the term used for the freebies and giveaways visitors can expect.

Many companies will dish out branded pens, USB sticks, or tote bags. While they’re all functional items, they’re easy to forget. They’re also not fun.

Turn part of your stand into a dedicated giveaway space. Consider a makeshift pick ‘n mix table. Or set up an easy fairground sideshow game where every player wins a prize.

Why not set up some kind of fun photo booth with your branding? Visitors will enjoy the chance to dress up and have a giggle with your props. When they share the images on social media, you get free exposure.

Whatever you do, choose something that relates to your offer so visitors will associate the fun with your company or brand.

6. Appeal to All the Senses

Most exhibition stands rely on sight and sound to capture attention. That makes sense because they’re quick ways to cut through the clutter.

How about the other senses?

Bring some tactile fabrics onto your stand to give people something to touch. If you can set up demonstrations, touch screens, or things to play with, then do it. People love being able to handle things.

Keep fresh coffee on the go to bring people to your stand with a gorgeous smell. Individually-wrapped snacks won’t go amiss if you want to appeal to taste.

Word will soon get around about the stand with the yummy food.

7. Go Natural

Trade shows can feel cold and impersonal. Help your exhibition stand make an impact by choosing a ‘natural’ feel.

That could include using natural materials like wood, bamboo, or fabric. Use paper lampshades to cut down on glare.

Try adding plants to your setup. Even fake plants can help give the appearance of a forest hideaway.

This trend works really well for companies working in sustainable or eco-friendly industries. Make sure your giveaways and freebies are just as environmentally friendly.

Wow Visitors With a Welcoming Stand Design

Now you can see how easy it is to create an exhibition stand design that will stand out. Some of these trends work well paired together; others create a huge impact on their own.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you put your visitors first. It’s the quickest way to make a lasting and valuable impact on them.

If you’re ready to check out modular exhibition stands, why not get in touch? We’ll discuss your needs and see how we can help.

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