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5 Exhibiting Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Exhibitions offer a unique and effective way to interact with customers and market your brand, so it’s something you need to approach in the right way. In this post, we’ll highlight a few exhibiting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Business events have the potential to provide your business with several benefits, such as developing new sales leads, enhancing brand awareness and also recruiting new employees. While there’s no doubt some events will benefit you more than others, you need to do your utmost to achieve your goals. And a crucial part of doing so is avoiding exhibiting mistakes that could have a negative impact.

1. Set Attainable Goals

Setting goals is crucial for gaining a sense of direction in any facet of your life. However, for exhibitions, it’s especially useful for focusing your efforts in an area where you’re keen to succeed. With that said, one of the most common exhibiting mistakes is setting goals that are too difficult to achieve. Whether your goal is sales, gathering leads or sign-ups, having an attainable number is a brilliant motivational tool. Then, if you succeed, the satisfaction will give you and your team a much-needed boost that helps you to accomplish more substantial goals at future events.

2. Planning Too Late

Late planning is one of the most obvious exhibiting mistakes but is still something that catches many people out. Many aspects combine to ensure you have a successful outing at an exhibition, but before that can come into fruition, you need a detailed plan in place several months before the event. By doing so, you give yourself plenty of time to design an exhibition stand that suits your needs, ensure you reserve a good space at the event — as well as give yourself enough time to promote via social media and other channels.

3. Taking the Wrong Team Members

One of the crucial benefits of an exhibition is it grants you the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with loyal customers as well as people yet to discover your brand. It’s for this reason that choosing who to take to an exhibition isn’t a decision that should be rushed or taken lightly. The employees in your booth are a reflection of your brand and heavily influence how others perceive you.

Businesses often look to their sales department when planning for exhibitions, as they are adept with customer interaction and are well-versed when it comes to delivering a charismatic sales pitch. But if you’re looking to provide people with an in-depth overview of your brand, it’s a good idea for your team to consist of professionals with varying skills and industry knowledge.

4. Unappealing or Outdated Designs

The aesthetic appeal of your exhibition stand is vital to attract as much attention as possible and stand out from the crowd. If your choice of graphics are poor-quality, unexciting or look outdated compared to your competitors — you’ll significantly reduce customer engagement and your overall chances of success.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic design genius to attain this. Our team have several decades of experience in the exhibition and print industries, meaning we have an eye for bespoke designs, stay up to date with the most popular trends and have the skills to implement technology in your exhibition stand. Whether you’re looking for a modern minimalistic design or an engaging complex layout — our experts will ensure your exhibition matches your requirements.

5. Hiring a Cheap Company to Design Your Stand

Smaller businesses who operate with a tighter budget will naturally look for ways to save money in many different ways. Unfortunately, when it comes to the design and manufacture of a bespoke exhibition stand, something that’s very cheap is unlikely to be of the highest quality. A common exhibiting mistake is to assume that by saving money with a cheap exhibition stand you can make up for it in other areas. If potential clients see that the quality of your stand — whether it’s the graphics, design or layout — isn’t up to scratch, they’ll be quick to assume your products or services follow suit. At Plus Exhibition, we offer a range of services to suit a variety of needs and budgets, so there’s no reason you should damage your brand’s reputation with a poor exhibition stand.

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